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Authorized Distributor 3M Supplier 3M Untuk mengetahui produk-produk 3M lebih lengkap, silahkan kunjungi laman berikut ini :


Untuk mendapatkan HARGA TERMURAH, DISKON LEBIH BESAR, SPECIAL PRICE, silahkan hubungi kami :
PT. Sakha Internasional
Ruko Little China JC 23, Legenda Wisata
Gunung Putri, Bogor, Indonesia, 16965

Telp Kantor : 021-82480703
Telp Customer Service 1 : 081585557809
Telp Customer Service 2 : 081585557689
Telp Customer Service 3 : 085693111619

WA Customer Service 1 : 081585557809
WA Customer Service 2 : 081585557689
WA Customer Service 3 : 085693111619

– 3M memiliki products diantaranya yaitu :
Abrasives (Abrasive Belts ; Cloth Belts, Non-woven Belts, Abrasive Brushes, Abrasive Discs, Abrasive Sheets & Rolls, Abrasive Wheels, Custom Abrasives, Handheld Abrasives)
Adhesives, Sealants & Fillers ( Fillers, Flexible Adhesives, Glue Sticks & Tubes, Nozzles & Accessories, Sealants, Structural Adhesives, Windshield Adhesives)
Advanced Materials ( Ceramics, Composite Resins, Fluoropolymers, Glass Bubbles, Performance Chemicals, Building Materials, Cleaning Supplies, Coatings, Communications, Compounds & Polishes, Dental & Orthodontics, Electrical, Films & Sheeting, Filtration & Separation, Home, Insulation, Lab supplies & Testing, Lubricants, Medical, Office Supplies, Personal Protective Equipment, Signage & Marking, Tapes, Tools & Equipment, Polymer Processing Additives : 3M Dynamar™ Polymer Processing Additives have helped manufacturers improve both quality and output for a variety of extruded products – from the plastic bottles and bags in your cupboard to construction materials like pipe, cable and even artificial grass. 3M Dynamar™ PPA are effective at low use levels (100–1000 ppm), so just a small amount can reduce common processing issues like die build-up and melt fracture. That results in better surface quality, less waste, increased productivity, and a smoother extrusion process from start to finish. 3M Dynamar™ PPA have been widely used in blown and cast film processes, pipe and sheet extrusion, cable, fibre and monofilament extrusion, blow moulding and compounding. They work by creating a low surface energy coating on the die surface. This allows the melt to slip through the die more freely and more easily, without sticking )

– Dipergunakan dalam Industries ; Automotive, Commercial Solutions, Consumer Markets, Design & Construction, Electronics, Energy, Health Care, Manufacturing, Safety, Transportation.

– Memiliki banyak Brands didalamnya yaitu ; 3M Littmann Stethoscopes, Command, Filtrete, Nexcare, Post-it, Scotch-Brite™, Scotch™

Authorized Distributor 3M Supplier 3M Products

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